Website Design

We Are based in United Kingdom , in our own design studios, we are a creatively rich and technically outstanding website development team of 10, focused on using the internet to increase our client’s business.

Our goal is to create and maintain well designed websites. Working with you we will create an attractive, informative and functional site that exceeds your expectations and meets your business objectives. Scientechnic specialise in creating outstanding bespoke websites and e-commerce websites.

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IT Advisor

The most successful organizations are those that manage risk, governance and internal control exceptionally well. It’s more strategic than simply navigating uncertainty in an evolving regulatory environment.

From cloud computing to mobile payment information, data integrity and information security have never been more crucial. With a range of specialized IT advisory services, we can help you distinguish IT as the strategic advantage your company needs to succeed in the age of big data.

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Internet Services

Streaming movies, downloading music—no matter how you use the Internet, we have the perfect high-speed Internet package for you. Each one is ultra reliable.No more worrying about hitting your usage limits. Our unlimited packages give you real peace of mind.

Our goal is to deliver best service to our clients at low cost.At Scientechnic, we use the power of communications to make a better world. It's what we've always done and we're one of the best at it. We bring technology to life for people in the UK.

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Scientechnic invented the hand-held precision sound level meter, and we continue to deliver solutions based on unrivalled industry knowledge and expertise. These hand-held analyzers allow you to reliably and confidently collect sound and vibration measurement data

All of our hand-held analyzers easy-to-use sound level meters and vibration meters comply with national and international standards. Our range of additional accessories and services provide you with a complete solution that supports you today – and tomorrow.

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